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In all that we do, we work to find ways to touch the lives of adults and children by facilitating a personal connection to the natural world.

Treehouses beckon us to be kids again.  They draw us in.  They invite us to climb up.  They are naturally designed to make people happy.  In fact, we believe, it is impossible to be grumpy in a treehouse. 

Engaging communities to build public treehouses makes nature accessible to all.  It means drawing parents and children, schoolkids of all ages, business professionals and visitors to our city away from their electronic screens.  It means exposing them to the healing energy of fresh air, sun dappled leaves, and birds, bugs, and tree bark close enough to touch.  

Our hope is that you will be inspired by our mission to bring the natural world back into our lives so we can effortlessly experience unlimited healing and happiness.  

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