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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire urban Americans to experience the benefits of nature with a new perspective, and through the framework of treehouses, explore how their cities can better integrate with the natural environment.

Our History

High Level Happiness is a start up non-profit 501(c)(3) founded in Lincoln, Nebraska in April 2015 by Carolyn Butler, CEO and torchbearer. 

Funding is being sought from local, state and national sources. The treehouses will have educational, recreational and commercial functions depending on their locations, key groups involved and the source of funding. 

We have a team of architects and engineers, and are seeking others who will team with city officials to address building codes and regulations. We'll beat the bushes to raise funds, and engage our citizens to create the first community treehouse in our nation!

Our Extended Goal

The vision may start with one treehouse in Lincoln, but it can go so much further. Through the model of community treehouses, we can reach adults and children across the country, to help reignite a collective connection to the natural world. We aim to help people want to interact with nature, to appreciate the value that a life outdoors provides. The best part is that we can have a lot of fun along the way. Treehouses are for playing in, after all!

Success in Lincoln could lead to demand in other leading cities in the region, where we could build more treehouses with different themes and features that explore new ways of integrating the nature and built environments. We would work to craft each new treehouse to be its own unique attraction, spurring economic and tourism development for each city.

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